I've Got Mail

A Christmas Play for Children
In this program, a Sunday school teacher sends Christmas cards to children all year so they'll remember that God is with them.
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Laura Keeley and Robert J Keeley
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8.5 x 11 x .06
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$20.00USD / $27.40CDN
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$18.00USD / $24.66CDN

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Mrs. Stevens, a Sunday school teacher, wants her fifth- and sixth-graders to realize that Immanuel is with us all year long, not just at Christmas. Throughout the year, she sends Christmas cards to the children. Each scene shows some of her group talking about the Christmas cards they received throughout the year.

While the children wonder who would send Christmas cards when it isn't Christmas, they come to realize that each card gives the same reminder: "God is with us." In the final scene, Mrs. Stevens and the children talk about what Immanuel means and conclude that because God is always with us, it?s Christmas all year long.

Bible passages and suggested songs are included throughout the play.