Home Grown Handbook for Christian Parenting

111 Real-Life Questions and Answers
This handbook gives parents practical, real-world advice about how to help their kids know and love God.
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Karen DeBoer
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For a Christian parent, some battles aren't worth fighting—like whether your three-year-old can wear her plastic tiara to church. But other questions might keep you up at night:
  • How can I help my kids trust God when they're worried or bad things happen?
  • How do I explain tough things like death and divorce?
  • Is it OK that we don't have family devotions?
  • How can I make our home a place where my kids' faith will grow?

This handbook gives you practical, real-world advice about how to help your kids know and love God—and how to build a home where you can grow in faith together.

Author Karen DeBoer is the mother of four, an early childhood educator, and a curriculum editor who's been involved in children's ministry for more than 25 years. Her practical approach to Christian parenting, combined with the insights of a panel of experts like Elizabeth Caldwell and Karen-Marie Yust, make this book a valuable resource. It is also a great resource for adult classes and a thoughtful gift for new parents.