Manger King

A Christmas Play for Children
Israelite children tell stories of King David's life in anticipation of the Messiah.
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Laura Keeley and Robert J Keeley
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8.5 x 11 x .06
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Kristen, Andrew, and Lynnae are living in Israel at the time of Jesus' birth. They wonder how they will recognize the Messiah. Kristen is sure that they can expect a leader like King David. He will be a Messiah who
  • is chosen by God.
  • cares for his people.
  • protects them from their enemies.
  • obeys God.

After each discussion between these three Hebrew children, other children portray scenes from David's life, showing David as the

  • anointed one.
  • shepherd.
  • warrior.
  • king who obeys God.

In the final scene, Kristen is challenged to reevaluate her expectation of what the Messiah will be like when Alyssa comes and tells of Jesus' birth in a manger.

Bible readings and songs telling of Jesus' birth follow each of the four stories about David.