No Easy Answers

Making Good Decisions in an Anything Goes World

This title is no longer available in print. A Christian ethics course featuring real-life dilemmas and case studies organized around the Ten Commandments.

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Patricia L Nederveld, Bob Rozema and Daniel R Vanderark
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No Easy Answers is a practical, hands-on course on how to make Christian moral and ethical decisions. Aimed at high school students and young adults, it features case studies—true accounts of people who have struggled with an ethical dilemma or problem. These cases involve students in interesting real-life issues, allow freedom of expression, and require supporting opinion with facts from the case and principles from God's Word. Because the ten case studies each address one of the Ten Commandments, No Easy Answers covers a broad range of issues and dilemmas. 

With this course you can help teens form a Christian pattern of decisions and actions that seek the glory of God, the good of neighbors, and personal well-being. In the "anything goes" world teens encounter every day, these skills are crucial.

The downloadable version (in PDF format) is available for purchase, and includes the Leader's Guide, Student Resources, Case Studies, and Archived Case Studies.