Just One Click

Christians, Porn, and the Lure of Cybersex
This practical guide by two leading experts helps Christians overcome and protect themselves from sexual temptation on the Internet.
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Robert J Baird and Ronald L VanderBeck
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Looking at porn once meant subscribing to dirty magazines or visiting adult stores and theaters.

The Internet changed all that. Now, with the click of a mouse, a tempting array of pornographic images, movies, and conversation are freely available to computer users of all ages. In fact, sex is the most frequently searched topic on the Internet. It's no surprise that one in five Americans admits to using the Internet to look at pornography.

That means it's very likely that someone you know and love is struggling with the effects of pornography. And Christians are not immune.

Just One Click is for those who struggle with sexual temptation on the Internet, and for their families, pastors, and friends. Using real-life stories and examples, Christian psychologists Robert Baird and Ronald VanderBeck alert readers to the risks and consequences of cybersex, provide guidance from Scripture and the social sciences, and offer strategies to overcome the problem. They point to God's creative, redemptive power that is available to all who want to overcome the destructive power of porn in their lives.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion at the end of each chapter make this a valuable resource for exploring the topic with your small group or on your own.