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Available in print and digital. Discover how God led Paul to Ephesus to spread the good news of Jesus far and wide.
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Deb Fennema
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8.5 x 5.5 x .375
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2nd, Revised 2014
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Available in print and digital. Ephesus had a strong spiritual influence over the province of Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) in the first century A.D. God led the apostle Paul to bring the good news of Jesus to this cultural center, and from there the word of Christ's salvation spread throughout the region.

In this study of Ephesians, beginning with the background story of Paul's work in Ephesus (from Acts 18-19), we discover powerful reminders of our relationship with Christ, how we are called to live in that relationship, and how we have the power to stand against the schemes and plans of the devil.

Ephesians provides essential teaching and training that believers need in order to work with the Holy Spirit to advance the Lord's kingdom in a volatile culture.